Seal tough jobs
in a flash.

ZIP System Liquid Flash

Create an air- and watertight seal over rough openings.

Made with a high-performance technology consisting of silicones and urethanes, ZIP System liquid flash makes it easy to create a powerful seal over irregular shapes and surfaces, such as window openings and pipe penetrations, using a fluid-applied flashing. Using a trowel or paintbrush, apply ZIP System liquid flash over gaps up to ½" to immediately waterproof your project and get a fast rough dry-in — even in wet weather. Available at local lumberyards.

Product Features

Discover the benefits of ZIP System liquid flash

Icon for Adhesion to wide range of surfaces

Adhesion to wide range of surfaces

This fluid-applied flashing bonds to wood, concrete, masonry, architectural metals, glass, PVC, FRP, EPDM and most other building materials.

Icon for Quick cure time

Quick cure time

Immediately weather resistant and tack free in as little as 20-40 minutes depending on conditions. Target thickness achieved when substrate is no longer visible.

Icon for Weather and uv resistant

Weather and uv resistant

Designed to withstand up to 180 days1 of extreme weather and UV exposure.

Installation Tip Videos

Learn how to properly load and use ZIP System liquid flash over different surfaces.

How to Load

Learn how to properly and easily load the ZIP System liquid flash sausage pack.

Product Showcase

Choose the right ZIP System
liquid flash product for your project.

10.3 oz cartridge

Best for sealing smaller openings, such as pipe penetrations.

20 oz sausage

Best for flashing windows. Each package covers 20 linear feet — enough to completely seal one 2'x4' rough window opening.

29 oz cartridge

Best for sealing ZIP System® sheathing panel seams and transition details from wall sheathing to foundation. Each package covers 29 linear feet — enough for more than five 4'x8' panels.

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